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i took a little time away from the hobby but I'm back and quite enjoying myself to say the least. I had been eyeing Fallen Angel for a while and decided to take the plunge. I'm really glad I did. I booked and got quick confirmation of the time and location which was nice. When I showed up at the house it was dark a private but I have to say I was a little nervous until Fallen Angel opened the door just looking ridiculously hot. To my great delight much hotter than I expected. Tall,slender, hot knee high boots, tight tube skirt. I was just thinking to myself thank god I booked! She was super friendly and professional put me right at ease. i think she's really hot looking..she's the type you see on the street and take a double take. Got in the room and points again for totally clean incall, fresh sheets, towels, I don't know why this all came to a surprise to me but I let her know I was impressed. Took care of donation jimmy hat on and OMG she was down licking the balls like it was her final meal. I was just looking at her hot face and that juicy little ass that I knew was coming soon. Get hard just writing this and thinking about it Geeez. Then she stripes off the panties and places me right in her ass and proceeds to ride me reverse doggy as I watch my johnson slide in and out of her perfect little tight hole. The whole time she's talking soo dirty. Sooo hot. I blew pretty quick. To be expected I guess. She's up offering me a warm cloth,shower and smiling and chatting to me and showing me her hot ass, spreading her cheeks. This is an unbelievable experience to say the least. Yes I recomend and yes I can't wait to repeat.

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